Whole Mama Yoga Book: Preorder Now

Now is the time to preorder a wonderful book by my frequent collaborator, Alexandra DeSiato, and my colleague Lauren Sacks.

Whole Mama Yoga walks readers through yoga to support the entire journey from preconception through parenting. It’s just lovely: the tone is accessible and friendly, the lessons are deep and meaningful, the stories offer a range of perspectives. And don’t get me started on the illustrations—they are beautifully done by my own (literally) in-house graphic designer Vivian Rountree, one half of the two daughters who made me a whole mama.

You can read all about this fantastic book at Whole Mama Yoga. That page also points you to all the places where you can preorder. Don’t forget your local library, too! When you request a book from the library, they often order not only the paperback but also the ebook and audiobook versions, which is a triple win for authors.

If you’re an Amazon power shopper, you can find the book right here. Alexandra and Lauren narrated the audiobook, so if you’re a listening kind of reader, that’s a fine choice.

While the book releases August 29, preorders are critical to its success, so please consider putting in your order today. This book will make a lovely gift for a baby shower, but it’s also salient for those trying to conceive, parents at home with a little one, and yoga teachers who want to support their pregnant students.