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Podcast Episode 9 Up

Click the link to the right to find my latest podcast, a series of shoulder stretches with optional leg configurations. You’ll hear the cold that has become a full-on sinus infection (I laid awake last night with the telltale toothache and clicking sounds coming from the left side of my face—what was going on in… Read more »

Organic Variability

My most recent hobby horse is the topic of heart rate variability. In addition to being an interesting glance at the effects of training and recovery, it’s also a wonderful metaphor for the yoga experience. When the body is relaxed and recovered, the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant, and the space between heartbeats becomes variable…. Read more »

Three of My Fifteen Minutes

I was on the local news last night, in a piece with the best introduction ever. The anchor misread the script: “She’s a part-time yoga instructor, a mother, a runner, a fitness trainer—let’s meet one of the Triangle’s biggest moms! Uh—busiest moms!” The video, which isn’t online, has some silly shots of the kids being… Read more »

Podcast Episode 8: Quick Fix

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, who took the girls to the museum in the morning, then shot the photographs after lunch, I’ve gotten the next podcast episode together. The poses in this one multitask, working on strength, flexibility, and balance all at the same time. By design, it’s a little shorter than usual, for days… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Quick Fix

Quick Fix This short sequence of yoga poses will challenge your balance, increase your flexibility, and engage your core strength. If your postworkout time is limited, follow this podcast to include a little stretching and strengthening—your body will thank you. After beginning with Warrior III to work on standing balance (strengthening the hips, legs, and… Read more »


Thanks to Courtney for sharing this follow-up to the Times article. Note that one of the sources personally vouches for the yoga mats in Chapel Hill!

On Clean Mats

This article warns of the dangers of sharing yoga mats. My student who’s a dermatology resident always wipes his mat with antimicrobial cleanser before sitting down. He’s practicing the first niyama: saucha, cleanliness.

Sage Yoga Training: Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder Stretches This series of shoulder stretches—great for swimmers and anyone with a tight upper body—includes optional leg positions to get your whole body looser. We begin with a shoulder strap sequence, for which you’ll need a yoga strap or a substitute—try a dog leash, a belt, or a necktie. Next we bring the arms… Read more »

Strong Enough for a Pigeon

If you want to see two beautiful photos of me looking silly, click over to Race Athlete and scroll down, or click here. The upper one was an outtake from one of Bear’s photography class projects. It looks to me like a deodorant ad, but the art of the photographer is evident. The lower photo… Read more »

Episode 7: IT Band Express

I’ve finally posted episode 7 of the podcast. With the girls home from school for the summer, it’s hard to get the house quiet enough to record the audio. If you listen through to the end, or use the chapters feature to listen to the closing credits, you’ll hear how tired I was by the… Read more »