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A Word on Newsletters

Book cover

As I confess in The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook (now available for preorder and publishing September 15!), writing newsletters is one of my least-favorite tasks both as an author/yoga teacher and as a small business owner. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t critical! Especially in times like these, where you may be changing your schedule… Read more »

Newly Certified: Jennifer Schell

Meet Jennifer Schell, a newly certified graduate of my online course, Teaching Yoga to Athletes! Jennifer started with the content side of the course and collected her homework as she went along, then submitted it all to me when she upgraded to certification. This is a smart way to move through the training if you… Read more »

Watch: Pinup Warmup at Yoga Vibes

Pinup shape

I have a new video up at Yoga Vibes, one of my favorite warmup sequences. It also works nicely as a standalone stretch break targeting shoulders, spine, and hips. I call it the Pinup Warmup because there are several poses to strike: you can Vogue along the way! Here’s a taste: Watch the full video here. If… Read more »

Newly Certified: Amanda Frayeh

Meet Amanda Frayeh, the most recently certified teacher to graduate from my Teaching Yoga to Athletes course! Amanda has a background in college sports and a PhD in sport and exercise psychology. You can study with her online from anywhere!

Last Chance to Sign Up: Applied Anatomy with Jenni Rawlings and Jenni Tarma

Jenni T and Jenni R

Yoga teachers and movement geeks: here’s your last chance to sign up for a wonderful applied anatomy training that happens online in real time (or, if it’s better for you, your own schedule) starting this Saturday. Carolina Yoga Company is hosting this training with two wonderful teachers, Jenni Tarma and Jenni Rawlings.

Watch: Six Moves of the Spine, Supine, Two Legs at Yoga Vibes

Screenshot of Sage

I have a new video up at Yoga Vibes, and the extra-great news is that it’s yoga you can do in bed. This sequence comes straight out of my book Everyday Yoga. It makes a nice standalone practice first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening, or can serve as a warmup or cool down as part of your longer home practice.

New Format: Summer Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Now Online Summer 2020

For several years, we’ve been offering three formats of our 200-hour yoga teacher training at Carolina Yoga Company: our eight-month one-weekend-a-month format, a three-week summer intensive format, and a nine-week weekday daytime format. Because we expect social distancing and limits on gatherings to stay in place, this summer we will offer our three-week intensive online… Read more »

Giveaway: Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

If you’ve been teaching online or if you’re considering getting started, you might have looked at the hundreds of professionally produced videos already available and asked yourself, “Who would want to watch ME over this?” The answer: the people who will connect with you for who you are: you, uniquely you.

I Miss Mondays the Most

Sage teaching

Of all the routines that have shifted, my Mondays have changed the most during the shutdown. Used to be I’d meet my running friends for the same strides workout, spend time doing desk work, go to the studio, take Alexandra’s Pilates class, then teach Yoga for Athletic Balance. The best part was coming home after… Read more »

The Last Yoga Class I Taught

Two weeks ago yesterday, I taught my last yoga class. My business partner and I had just resolved to suspend all studio operations at the end of the day. I was subbing yin yoga for a colleague who began social distancing before the rest of us caught on. I stood at the door to hold it… Read more »