How to Use the Core Strength for Real People Video Series

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Thanks to everyone for using and recommending my new Core Strength for Real People video series! I’ve been so grateful for the positive feedback. One of my running buddies asked, “How should I use the videos? I’m so type A, I wanted to do them all!”

Don’t! You’re a real person! Less is more!

These are designed for you to follow along several times a week. The core routines can be standalone practices, or you can add them on to a cardio or weights workout. Here are some ideas for ways to use them:

Choose a Favorite and Perfect It

Choose a video—you can rent, buy, or subscribe—and make a point of doing it three or four times a week on nonconsecutive days. By the end of the second week, you should see good progress, since your brain and nervous system will understand the cues and actions required. By the end of the second month, your muscles will be stronger, too!

Try Them All

Or try one of the sequences, then two days later, another. The longer practices are well balanced, but switching them up will vary the challenge on your core muscles, and keep you very interested. More longer practices are in the can, and I’ll post one a month. (Sign up for my newsletter or subscribe to the series to be the first to know! When you subscribe, you’ll automatically get access to all new content.)

Mix and Match

Combine a longer practice with a short one to create a new challenge. Or try two longer ones back to back once a week. Use the videos as they suit you best, and rest when you need to. You’re a real person!

Get started today.