Kripalu Post-View, September

Yes, I was in Seattle,
however briefly!

I am happy to be done with my whirlwind travel week, which began with a trip to Seattle on Wednesday–and a trip back on Thursday! In between, I loved meeting the affable, laid-back, but sharp leadership of REI and of prAna, and teaching them yoga. What a nice crew, and a pretty town. While it was a short trip, I did get to the market for a peach, an act documented, somewhat randomly, by Univision cameras.

The next morning I headed to Kripalu to lead a weekend of yoga for athletes. As usual, the students were fantastic. I got to learn about curling from one, which was a blast; we also had an Olympic skater, a martial artist, and a host of all-around fit people and yoga teachers. There were two couples and two parent-child pairs. You should consider coming, alone or with a loved one, in February! Here are details and registration—there’s a weekend, but it’s preceded by a five-day intensive on teaching yoga to athletes.

In contrast to the ice and snow in the Berkshires in February, we had the start of the fall foliage, and I got to run on both trail and roads while I was there. What better way to get to know a place? Yesterday’s run finished at the labyrinth, which I walked slowly for a wonderful cool-down experience. Every time I go, I love the place more. It’s always rewarding to see the staff and volunteers, many of whom I’ve known for years now, and to watch the guests begin to relax into the inner space you find when you get away from your usual routine.

Speaking of fall foliage, my next travel is to ZAP Fitness for the fall yoga and running retreat October 21–23, now in its fourth year! We have about four spaces left, so be in touch if you’re interested. Details are here.