New Infrastructure for 2018: Sage Yoga Teacher Training

Over at Sage Yoga Teacher Training, I have several online courses:

On Wednesday, I updated the infrastructure of the site to make it far more easy to access more than one course in the same account. Because of this change, everyone who’s bought a course there needs to make a one-time reset of their password. You can even reset it to what it was before!

If you’ve bought a course there, look for an e-mail like the one at right. (Yes, I know it looks really sketchy; I couldn’t change the text, but it’s legit.) If you deleted that message or your spam filter caught it, not a problem. Just click here and input your e-mail address, then click “Forgot your password?” The system should help you from there.

If you haven’t bought a course there, what are you waiting for? You’ll find a host of resources to help you serve your students better. These range from the very specific—teaching yoga to athletes—to the very general. Professionalism, Classroom Management, and the Workshop Workshop will suit movement teachers of all kinds, not only yoga teachers.

And coming in 2018: the Content Workshop, a workbook course to help you discover, produce, and share your gifts with the world. Stay tuned for more on that!