Sage Advice: Balance Professionalism and Personality in Yoga Classes

Your teaching persona should be authentic to your day-to-day self, but that doesn’t mean you would share with your students in the same way as you would with your friends. I explored how to find the right balance in an article for Yoga Journal, “Balance Professionalism and Personality In Yoga Classes.”

Yoga fosters connection, including a connection between teachers and students. But sharing too much personal information with your students can damage the classroom dynamic. How can you maintain appropriate professionalism as a teacher without seeming distant or robotic? How can you be personable without being too personal? The key could be to have a clear intention to serve your students, and to use details in the service of that intention.

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Like most things in yoga, the key is to find the right balance and to be clear on your motivation. Why are you telling a story or sharing a detail, and how does it help your students in their own experiences?

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