New Video: Split Squat Flow

Surrendering shrimp, aggressive chicken: there’s a new flow up in my Sequence Library! This standing sequence uses a split squat, lateral lunge, and eagle pose to challenge your legs and balance while you move your spine through side bending, twisting, and, as you see here, flexion and extension.

This clip gives you a taste of surrendering shrimp—a cat back with W arms from a split squat—and aggressive chicken—a lunge with a cow back and M arms.

The Sequence Library is full of creative ideas for your practice or class planning. There’s a full-featured free sample unit comprising all my favorite warmups for you to enjoy. (Put them all together for a gentle yoga practice!)

You can buy it on its own for only $49 or get it as part of my full-length course Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste.