Now Available: The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook—and a New Site to Match

Today is publication day for The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook! And to go with it, a have a spanking-new website and a new learning management system for my online courses for yoga and movement teachers.

The book is designed for aspiring and current teachers at any and every point in their careers. I cover everything from choosing a yoga teacher training to leading a yoga teacher training. I hope my experiences will help teachers of any and every stripe be more clear and professional, for the benefit of the field and for their students.

At this new site, you’ll find a host of resources tied to the book, including a workbook file you can print, beautifully formatted by the publisher, and a file you can type into if you prefer. There are also loads of recommended resources and equipment. Please have a look around!

Once you’ve spent some time with the book, I would be very grateful if you rate and review it at Amazon, Goodreads, and your favorite booksellers’ sites. Such reviews make a huge difference in getting the book into the hands of people who would benefit. Please also tell your colleagues and your teacher trainers about the book! And if you get a paper copy, I’d love to see a photo with you holding it—use #yogateacherhandbook. Thanks so much in advance.