Questions to Ask about YTT

While The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook is for teachers of every level, part 1 of the book helps aspiring teachers chart a path through yoga teacher training. Specifically, I suggest that as you evaluate your YTT options, you ask the program director:

  • Can I take a class from the lead teacher(s)?
  • What do students find the most challenging part of training?
  • How long has this program and this particular format been offered?
  • What does any given day in YTT look like?
  • How do you handle physical limitations?
  • What is a typical next step for your graduates?
  • Can I talk to some recent graduates? Can I see them teach?
  • What if I have to miss time?
  • What is your refund policy?

You can access a workbook PDF or an editable Word file with these questions and all the book’s exercises at its resources page.

If you are interested in the answers to these questions vis-à-vis the Carolina Yoga Company weekday 200-hour yoga teacher training, which happens live in real time online starting in January 2021, start by reading the program description here, then reach out to me for more answers. I love having conversations about our program.

I enjoyed one of these conversations with a prospect last week. She had just read The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook and had a great question to add to this list, which I will address in an upcoming post!