Read: 4 Yoga Tricks to Steal for Running

You’ll find another excerpt from The Runner’s Guide to Yoga at Yoga Journal. This one is about yoga to do during your run.

Doing yoga during a run doesn’t have to mean stopping to strike a pose mid-stride. While the strength, flexibility, and balance you gain from the physical postures are all deployed as you move, you can also use the focus and presence you develop on the mat out on the trail.

Try using the techniques of form, breath, and focus outlined below during an easy run. Once mastered, they will aid you during harder runs and whenever your mind starts to wander. Being able to come back to good form and presence of mind will improve your running immeasurably. These mental skills will allow you to bear down when you need to. You may realize you’ve been using these techniques already without calling them “yoga.”

Read all about them at Yoga Journal and in The Runner’s Guide to Yoga. And use this video to help you check your Mountain Pose alignment during any activity!