Scheduled: Summer Yoga Mala

Join me and my fantastic colleagues Michelle Johnson and Hollie Sue Mann next month for a yoga mala complete with recovery practices!

Michelle and Sage

As the light of summer reaches its peak, Michelle Johnson, Hollie Sue Mann, and Sage Rountree will lead us in their version of a summer yoga mala on Saturday, June 22. This mala will include three rounds of 27 sun salutations with a different dedication for each round. Each teacher will lead us in 27 sun salutations and focus on a specific dedication.

HollieRound 1—Personal transformation and self-realization: dedication to self
Round 2—Dedication to family and friends
Round 3—Focus to the world: dedication to all beings everywhere; recognizing our interconnectedness

The mala is a moving meditation, not a competition. We will approach our time together with grace, holding gratitude for the growth of spring and the abundant light of summer. We will start each round with a meditation and end each round with a break for asana, meditation, or savasana. At the end of all three rounds we will move into relaxing hip stretches and twists; a guided relaxation and meditation, and a long, sweet savasana.

$20 until 6/15, $25 after

Register now.

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