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Everyday Yoga: Now in Spanish as Yoga Diario

Do you prefer your Everyday Yoga en español? You’re in luck: Ediciones Tutor has just published the Spanish-language edition. Read all about it and order it here. Sinopsis Sage Rountree, la experta más destacada de EE. UU. en yoga para personas activas, comparte el planteamiento fresco y comprensible de su práctica diaria en esta guía de… Read more »

Scheduled: Workshops at Dancing Dogs Yoga Greensboro

I’m happy to visit my friends at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Greensboro for two workshops on Saturday, November 21. Join for one or both: Everyday Yoga You love visiting the studio—and we love seeing you here!—but home practice is an important part of a well-rounded yoga routine, just like home cooking is an important complement… Read more »

Everyday Yoga: Now in E-Book Format

Everyday Yoga is now available as an e-book at both Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. Load it on your e-reader app on your phone or tablet and you can always have it with you to help you practice a little bit most days! Or, if you prefer a hard copy, shop online: Amazon; Barnes and Noble; Chapters/Indigo; IndieBound; VeloPress For a personalized signed copy, shop… Read more »

Read: The 5 Best Yoga Moves for Athletes

I love Outside magazine and their beautiful website, Outside Online, so I was really excited to talk to them about the five best yoga poses for athletes to include. Illustrated by pictures from Everyday Yoga, this short, accessible routine combines working poses and resting poses to be a bare-minimum routine to help balance your body. Please enjoy and… Read more »

Watch: Everyday Yoga Short Practice: Core Strength and Stability

The third of the companion videos illustrating routines from Everyday Yoga builds core strength and stability. In only 16 minutes, you’ll work all the muscles of your core, connect to your breath, and bring balance to your body. Watch the full practice, and dozens more, at Yoga Vibes.

Everyday Yoga Excerpt: Post-Workout Restorative Hip-Opening Poses

My friends at Yoga Journal are offering Everyday Yoga excerpts to pique your interest in the book and jump-start your home practice. While the book is for not just athletes but everyone, the excerpts are keyed to pre- and postworkout routines, and you can string them together to do a complete practice. This is a postworkout recovery/hip-focused routine to help… Read more »

Register Now for Sequencing Early Bird Discount

Everyday Yoga isn’t just my next book, it’s also the distillation of my approach to sequencing yoga classes. And it’s the textbook for this upcoming continuing education course for yoga teachers, part of our 500-hour advanced studies yoga teacher training but also open to everyone from every style, teacher and student alike. I’m really looking forward to… Read more »