Everyday Yoga Excerpt: Post-Workout Restorative Hip-Opening Poses

My friends at Yoga Journal are offering Everyday Yoga excerpts to pique your interest in the book and jump-start your home practice. While the book is for not just athletes but everyone, the excerpts are keyed to pre- and postworkout routines, and you can string them together to do a complete practice.


This is a postworkout recovery/hip-focused routine to help you unwind completely.

This multitasking routine marries blissful hip release and inversion to enhance your post-workout recovery and calm your nervous system simultaneously. You’ll stretch your hamstringsouter hipinner thigh, and hip flexors—all common tight spots for athletes—while releasing tension in your spine. Find a wall or a closed and locked door and get started.

Visit the Yoga Journal website to follow along! And, if you haven’t already, preorder your copy today!