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Cannot Predict Now

Who knows what the field of teaching yoga will be like in the next three months? The next six? The next twelve? Not I—and I have a book on the subject, The Professional Teacher’s Handbook, coming out in three months! One growth field I see is bringing yoga to a group, either in person or… Read more »

Gift Guide 2019

Looking for the right gift for your yoga teacher or an athlete who wants to get into yoga? Here are some ideas.

Kripalu Preview: Meet Amanda Frayeh

Meet Amanda Frayeh, PhD, who joins me at Kripalu in January 2020 for two workshops: Yoga for Athletes and Teaching Yoga to Athletes. You’ll benefit from her work in sport psychology and kinesiology, as well as her excellent sense of humor!

Newly Certified: Beth Marek

Meet Beth Marek! Beth is the most recently certified teacher to graduate from my Teaching Yoga to Athletes course. She lives in El Paso, Texas, where she works as a climbing guide and yoga teacher. Beth came to yoga as a runner—she ran at Davidson College, down the road from me in North Carolina. Like… Read more »