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Yoga to Complement Mindfulness Meditation

This morning, I really enjoyed spending an hour with the Morehead-Cain Scholars at the University of North Carolina. They were participating in a workshop on mindful leadership led by the sweet crew at Golden Bristle, learning tools for better self-awareness, awareness of others, and focus. The goal of yoga asana–the physical practice of the poses–is to prepare… Read more »

Highest Recommendation: Yoga for Athletes and Active People Video with Steve

Steve Krojniewski—Krojo to his friends, and everyone is a friend to Steve—is a certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher and one of my senior assistants. Steve, who works with several University of Notre Dame teams, has produced a beautiful set of videos for athletes, active people, and everyone, available here and at his website, My True Balance… Read more »

Sign Up: Wanderlust 108

With fall approaching, I’m looking forward to the fun travel I’ll be doing to teach at Wanderlust 108.  These “mindful triathlons” include a casual 5K run (or walk—all speeds welcome), a concert with MC Yogi and DJ Drez, a yoga class led by a fantastic local teacher, and meditation with me. Even if you have zero meditation… Read more »

Sage Advice: Quelling Pre-Competition Nerves

View image | A young hammer thrower wrote me wondering how meditation might help him feel focused and relaxed before his meets. Here’s my answer. First thing I’d say is that some of what sports psychologists would call “arousal”—the anxiety and nervous feeling you have before a meet—is a good thing. It keeps you alert… Read more »

Metta Meditation at Wanderlust 108 Atlanta

It was a glorious day and a wonderful crowd for the inaugural Wanderlust 108 Mindful Triathlon in Atlanta yesterday. There was a 5K run/walk through beautiful Piedmont Park; an inspiring talk by Keith Mitchell; a rollicking concert by the Good Times Brass Band; and very sweet yoga focused on connection and a healthy dose of… Read more »

Read: Mindful Racing

I’m very excited to lead our meditation at Wanderlust 108 in Atlanta, GA, on September 28. Today at the Wanderlust blog, you’ll find an excerpt from Racing Wisely, with some thoughts on mindfulness and running: Any practice can be a mindfulness practice, and many can be mindlessness practices. It’s all about intention and attention. Why are you here?… Read more »

Scheduled: Wanderlust 108 Atlanta

Join me in Atlanta on Sunday, September 28, for a “mindfulness triathlon”—a day of running, yoga, and meditation (led by me!). What is Wanderlust 108? Wanderlust 108 is a mindful triathlon, combining a 5k run, an inspirational meditation, and a massive outdoor yoga class. Gather your friends for a day of live music, mindful movement,… Read more »

Update: Track Your Habits

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post for my Active Yogi blog at Yoga Journal about awareness of our habits—what in yoga we call samskara. It begins: For the last few days, a robin has been attacking its reflection in the window to my home office. Over and over again, it flings itself at the… Read more »