Highest Recommendation: Yoga for Athletes and Active People Video with Steve

Steve Krojniewski—Krojo to his friends, and everyone is a friend to Steve—is a certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher and one of my senior assistants. Steve, who works with several University of Notre Dame teams, has produced a beautiful set of videos for athletes, active people, and everyone, available here and at his website, My True Balance Yoga.

For only $20, you’ll get three videos. Two full-length practices will build strength in the base period of your training and maintain flexibility in the build period, as your workouts are more intense. And a third video is a short meditation to help you center as you approach your peak competitions.


The production quality is lovely, with soft music and a calm, unhurried delivery. You’ll get both portions where Steve narrates and portions where you can see him teaching an athlete, with lots of positive feedback that will help you feel happy and comfortable.

You can stream the videos or download them to your phone or Roku. I know you’ll be as delighted with this offering as I am! Get started here. And while you’re at Krojo’s site, check out his beautiful and free Yoga Flash Cards!

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