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New: Core Strength for Real People: Pinup Warmup

Want to move over the long weekend without having to stand up? Here’s a preview of my new Pinup Warmup sequence, which focuses on mobilization through the shoulders and spine and activation of the muscles that move the joints in the upper body. As a bonus, you’ll get to hold several poses with your hand… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Short Practice: Spine and Hips

Need a short work-it-out yoga practice? My latest short video for YogaVibes will move your spine in every direction while loosening shoulders, hips, calves, and feet: Spine and Hips: Yoga for Athletes Short Practice Yoga Class Description In this brief floor sequence, you’ll warm up your spine by moving it in every direction. Along the… Read more »

Practice: Yoga for Swimmers

Thanks to my friends at prAna and YogaVibes, you can enjoy this FREE 30-minute video with easy yoga poses targeting the back, chest, and shoulders. It’s perfect for swimmers—and it includes a swimming-specific breath exercise—but it is also appropriate for anyone. The poses are simple and held for a while, so you don’t need any… Read more »