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Web Site Facelift

I’ve just finished some stripping-down of the Web site, particularly the coaching section, with added content and a little raise in my pricing. Comments are very welcome. I’d especially like to know how it looks on a PC and using various browsers (I’ve seen it on a Mac in Safari, Firefox, and IE. The latter… Read more »

Podcast Episode 12: Warrior Flow

I’ve finally posted a new podcast episode. It’s a strength-building workout, with long holds of chair, chair with a twist, and the warrior poses. Strength and stretching at the same time, all good. I was glad I could hold the poses long enough for Wes to snap the pictures—we both ran a 20K (and both… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Warrior Flow

Warrior Flow This warrior flow focuses on building strength while stretching the hips and legs. We begin with a few holds of chair pose, then move from warrior II to warrior I to warrior III. Take five or more slow breaths in each standing pose. Between sides, rest in a standing forward fold with your… Read more »

DVD Suggestions

My friend Ruffin asked for yoga DVD recommendations. Here’s an annotated list of ideas. Thank heavens for Netflix, which lets you try before you buy. Bryan Kest, Power YogaI bought this but have never watched it (loaned it to a friend), so I can’t recommend it on experience, but I’ve heard it’s a good workout…. Read more »

SI Joint

Kelly asks about poses to address SI joint pain. The problem is, when you’re dealing with SI instability, it’s more about what not to do than what to do. My SI joint has been unhappy with twists ever since my inglorious, ironic balance-ball incident. Instead of rooting my pelvis when I twist, I let my… Read more »

Sport-Utility Yoga

I dreamed last night that I was reading a review that described my book with the term “sport-utility yoga.” When I woke up, that seemed pretty great, but after a cup of coffee, I wasn’t so sure. It’s past time to record another podcast episode. The weather has been too cold to get the pictures… Read more »

Well, at Least I Got That Done

In a few lines that appeared first in an essay and were included in The Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman notes, “Here is something true that I have observed regarding people who have written books: their clothes fit well. They seem relaxed and happy as if they are thinking, well, at least I got… Read more »

I Feel the Love!

I am really feeling the love. My podcast is on the “Healthy Living” featured listings on iTunes this week, and just today it’s gotten good reviews in tri discussion forums, both here and in the U.K. If you’ve gotten here through those channels, thank you! A big thanks to those (uncoerced) folks who first began… Read more »

"Is That Like a Thong?"

Today’s Frazz is pretty funny. I’d reproduce it here, but I’m not sure of the legality. While I doubt I’ll ever race in only a bathing suit, triathlon does give you a different, in most cases more relaxed, perspective on your body. The body becomes a means to acheive a goal, rather than just an… Read more »