Wall Folds and Twists

I’ve just put up a new episode of Sage Yoga Training—my podcast of short yoga routines for athletes and everyone—this one with some very relaxing, gentle folds and twists using a wall for support. You can download it in iTunes, watch it on YouTube, or simply play it from here (though the quality of the pictures is lower, I think you’ll get the gist).

The inversions help you relax and recover from your training (or December stress), and the reclining position keeps your back in a safe, neutral position. If you keep the stretches gentle, they will work even after a hard workout, when deep stretching would only stress your muscles further.

These poses are a version of the Wall Folds routine from The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga, and they were the inspiration for the coffee-table/locker-room yoga routine I described here.

Description for the episode:
Perfect for practice after a long or hard workout, this gentle series of stretches encourages recovery and open hips, while helping you relax. You’ll need a wall or a closed (and locked!) door. Be sure to keep your back neutral against the ground throughout—don’t let your bottom curl up as your legs shift position. At the end, feel free to stay as long as you like with your legs up.
This sequence is also available in The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga, which you can find at Amazon, REI, and bookstores everywhere. Music for the episode is “Breath of Love,” by Suzanne Teng, off the compilation Music for Meditation, available at Magnatune.com.