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Podcast Episode 11: Balance and Bow

That’s bow, as in “Bow down before the one you serve, you’re going to get what you deserve,” not as in “baubles and bows.” This episode is a toughie, and I did put it together quickly, so I hope it’s clear enough. As always, feedback is welcome. The pictures and poses don’t match one-for-one, since… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Balance and Bowing

Balance and Bowing This short routine works both as a dynamic warmup and as core strength and flexibility training after your workout. We begin by moving from mountain pose through tall mountain to a squat, then we stretch the lower legs before standing again. Next is a series of bows and forward folds that include… Read more »

Three More Minutes

One of the Triangle’s biggest moms is going to be on the local NBC news again (tonight at 7 p.m.), this time rambling about the yoga podcast.

Let’s Hear It for the Ball

Today’s news reports that chair-sitters’ backs are happier when the angle at the hips is more open: 135 degrees, rather than 90. Here’s part of why I like sitting on a stability ball (when, of course, I don’t fall off) instead of a desk chair: you can easily fiddle with the angle of the hips… Read more »

Beginner’s Mind

Though by self-definition it made me “not a real runner,” I ran indoors this morning. There’s a nor’easter blowing, and the rain was coming in sideways. With the 38-degree air gusting to 40 mph and considering my lingering cold, I wimped out. It gave me a chance to experience running differently. Yoga teachers are regularly… Read more »

Podcast Episode 10: Relax

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I’ve got the tenth episode of my yoga podcast up. Its stretches are great for unwinding—whether after a race, at the end of the day, or on a “coffee break.” It finishes with a long hold in legs up the wall, one of my favorite poses. You’ll see the girls… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Relax

Relax Relax. This thirteen-minute sequence leads you in relaxing poses perfect for unwinding after a race, game, or long workout, or simply before bedtime. You’ll gently stretch your entire body: legs, hips, chest, back, and arms. Linger in these postures, breathing calmly and relaxing fully. We end with a long hold of legs up the… Read more »


I know the podcast episode 10 is overdue—if not from the calendar, from my bimonthly cold, which always seems to wreck my voice when I should be recording. I’d been planning a postrace/prebedtime calming routine, though now race season is about over. I guess it applies to the holidays as well as to athletic events,… Read more »


Swamped as I prepare to turn in a draft chapter of my book, keep up with editing projects, and peak (one hopes) for the NCTS championship race, I’ve had two consecutive weekends of chi-based workshops. The first was on Chi Running, taught by Danny Dreyer. It’s a technique for running using the core and relaxing… Read more »

Zero per Gallon

One of my yoga students, Rachel, rode to class Monday with a great sticker on her helmet reading $0.00 9/10. The actual visual is much better, and you can see it—and get your own—at Zero per Gallon.