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Read: Do the Holidays Right: Recover

This entry in my series on recovery at exhorts you to put your feet up and enjoy that egg nog. This time of year, articles offering advice on how to keep your weight down during the holidays are as numerous as cans of pumpkin in the grocery store. Just look at any health magazine…. Read more »

Read: What Dead Legs Are Telling You

The latest in my articles on recovery at asks what dead legs are telling you. (Hint: it’s to rest!) Serious triathletes have a host of words to describe the way their legs are feeling. On the positive side, this includes fresh, snappy, springy, zippy and many more. The converse terms are dead legs, or legs that feel heavy, gunky,… Read more »

Watch: FREE Postrun Yoga Video Routine

In this eight-minute free video—free, thanks to my friends at YogaVibes—I’ll guide you through a short, easy post-run routine that you can do in the parking lot, by the trailhead, or in your living room. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. You’ll find dozens of free, short online yoga videos and racing… Read more »

Watch: Even More Free Yoga for Athletes Videos

The conclusion of my yoga for athletes video series to accompany the August Yoga Journal feature on training for a triathlon: Week 9: Bike Form Week 10: Run Form Week 11: Breathing for Swimming Week 12: Breathing for Cycling and Running Plus these bonus videos: Race Plan Prerace Preparation See the rest of the series: Week 1: Swim… Read more »

Watch: Free Yoga for Athletes Videos

Have you had a chance to read the August issue of Yoga Journal? I wrote a twelve-week triathlon plan and asana sequences to complement swimming, cycling, and running you’ll find featured in the magazine. (That’s the “15 poses to build a strong, healthy body.”) There’s a set of videos to accompany the article. If you’re signed… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Backbends

Second in my Yoga Vibes series of ten practices filmed at my Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive is an investigation of both passive and active backbends. These simple but powerful poses can improve posture, increase balance in the body, and prevent injury in athletes and everyone. Watch the preview or the full class here. Take… Read more »

Read: Add Some Downtime to Your Training Plan

Relax! It’ll make you faster. Better yet, it’ll make you a better person. This is the topic of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, my recovery video series at Competitor Running, and this essay: Seasonality and cyclicality are engrained in our bodies, from the annual trip around the sun to the monthly cycle of the moon to… Read more »

Racing Wisely: Postrace Reflection

Here’s an excerpt from my latest book, Racing Wisely, with ideas on using your postrace reflections for self-growth and help in choosing a new goal. Reflection As you take time off of workouts after your peak race, you’ll have some extra free time. Devote this to mental recovery and reflection. It can be tough to be out… Read more »