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Podcast Episode 3: Nine-Minute Abs

Podcast episode 3 is up, with some nice if slightly eerie music from Magnatune. It will work your core from a number of different directions, so prepare yourself for some effort! The photos and voice cues are a little subpar, in my mind. Wes framed the pictures wonderfully when he shot them, but I needed… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Core Flow

Core Flow This challenging flow targets the core in plank poses, a roll-up/roll-down sequence, and a bridge series. To modify the exercises, bend your knees. If you have issues with your neck or back, please watch the sequence through and consider skipping the roll-over portion. Once you’re familiar with these exercises, you can add repetitions,… Read more »

Ants in My Pants

I’m too antsy. I’ve been waiting to hear back from Magnatune so I can add their great music to my next podcast episode. It’s been five days, and I’m laughing at how impatient it’s making me. No one imposed any podcasting deadlines on me. Wes actually convinced me to ease off my self-imposed deadline of… Read more »

I Need Ad Advice

Now that I have a gorgeous logo, I’m going to change my ad in Endurance Magazine to highlight my expanded services (private lessons, podcast, the USAT credential). I can run a color ad as part of the editing trade arrangement, and I can run one in the Charlotte issue, too. (Thanks, Steve!) How should I… Read more »

Podcast 3 Coming Soon

After taking down the wind chimes, chasing a particularly loud wren off the porch, and huddling over the microphone in my blanket tent, I’ve got the voice track for the third episode of the podcast recorded. (Teaser: Seven-minute abs, yoga style.) But I’ve already exhausted my copyright-free music supply. I don’t want to impose on… Read more »

Three Things

1. En dash redux. My publishing friends say go with it; others aren’t sure. (And Joan, it’d be “phone-number-length,” with hyphens; the en dash comes when you can’t wedge a hyphen in a word, say when it’s a proper noun, such as “USA Triathlon” or “Team Polar.” The en dash offers deference to open compounds.)… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training, Episode II: Revenge of the Lunge

I’ve gotten the second podcast together, with some help from my friend Alex. He showed me how to record the voice track in a “tent” created by draping my blanket over my head, desk, and monitor. (He tells me it would sound even better if I crawled into my coat closet with the mic.) And… Read more »

Sage Yoga Training: Lunge Series

Lunge Series A seven-minute series of low lunges to practice after your workout. Each pose is held for thirty seconds to improve your flexibility. (Once you’re familiar with the sequence, you might like to hold each pose even longer to work deeper.) You’ll be stretching the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower leg, while also releasing… Read more »

Beta Web Site Live

Is it a contradiction in terms for a Web site to be both “beta” and “live”? At any rate, you’ll see it here. I’d love to get feedback: “That color is weird,” “That link didn’t work,” etc. Podcast episode two is just waiting for music. Hope to have it up tomorrow afternoon. I’m looking out… Read more »


The pretty-much-final logo design. It’ll go on the podcast, the Web site, an ad in Endurance, business cards. I have an elaborate interpretation of the semiotics: the wavy line represents the upward trend of training results, supported by the sage green (yeah, I know), while also looking like the curves of a bottom (heh, heh)… Read more »