Content Role Model: Terry Cockburn

With Terry, my 2013 assistant, at Kripalu

Last month, I launched the Content Workshop, a workbook course for movement teachers. (Read all about it here, and use the code SRWORKSHOP to save $10 on it or on the package of the Content Workshop and the Movement Workshop through May 31.) As I developed the course, I ran it past my most trusted colleagues for feedback. Each of them has developed some really useful content of her own, and I’m delighted to highlight these women’s excellent work the next few Thursdays.

Terry Cockburn is a kindred soul. She is a runner, a yoga teacher, and a studio owner (visit Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport, Maine). We met when she took my weekend workshop on Yoga for Athletes at Kripalu, and she’s since assisted me and others there. We talk on the phone about studio issues from time to time, and text regularly during football season (Terry’s greatest fault is her New England Patriots fandom.)

Check out Terry’s teaching by visiting:

Here’s what Terry has to say about the Content Workshop. “When great ideas bubble up, they might get scribbled on a napkin or in the margins of a notebook—if they even make it that far! Sage has created a foolproof way to not only externalize those winning ideas, but to bring them to fruition. The Content Workshop contains comprehensive tools and strategies to help clarify and organize your message and effectively reach your target audience. Easy to follow, and something that will really get the creative juices flowing, this truly is the formula for success in creating and developing your valuable content.”

I’m so grateful to know wonderful people like Terry! If you’re inspired by her as I am, you can get started helping people with content of your own by taking the Content Workshop.