Correct Dates for Sequencing: June 26–30

I’m reposting with the correct 2017 dates for Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste—I’d incorrectly used the 2015 dates before! I do hope you’ll join on June 26 for a week of creative work.

Yoga and movement teachers: when did you last take plenty of time to play on your mat, create new sequences, collate them, and plan classes? Much of this work happens in small increments. Dedicate yourself to a full work week of creativity in Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste, and you’ll develop an invaluable playbook to keep your classes fun, fresh, thoughtful, and rewarding for both you and your students. It’s the movement teachers’ equivalent of a writers’ workshop! Each day includes large and small group practice, assignments to unleash your creativity and help you tune in to the intelligence of your progressions, and plenty of time for collegial collaboration.

All backgrounds and styles of movement teachers are welcome—the more diverse our group, the more we all benefit. The intensive is part of our summer-long advanced studies (aka 300- or 500-hour) yoga teacher training—join for all of that, or just this productive week. I promise you’ll go home inspired. Early bird rates apply—sign up now! Register here.

Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste

Monday, June 26–Friday, June 30, 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and 2:00–5:00 p.m.

Do you feel uninspired or intimidated when you face a room of students, despite your love for the yoga practice? Does your creativity freeze up when you need to modify on the fly? Have you ever taught a class that felt great, then forgotten what made it special? This is the intensive for you! This workshop, designed for yoga teachers from any tradition, will give you concrete techniques to craft, teach, and reflect on sequences that will keep your students safe, healthy, and inspired. Sage Rountree, your teacher, is the leading expert on yoga for athletes and a prolific author of articles on sequencing for various issues. She has developed a simple, useful approach to keeping students engaged that will help you take your teaching to the next level.

Using a framework that makes modification and creative approaches easy and natural, we’ll work together to design sequences for every portion of an asana class, from warmups to balance poses to the closing minutes. You’ll learn tools to structure balancing, fulfilling, inspiring sequences no matter what style you teach, and we’ll collaborate in group work, partner work, and team practice teaching to build an archive of sequences. Along the way, we’ll address kriya and krama, transitions between poses, clear languaging, and various approaches to modeling and assisting.

Each day includes led asana practice, discussion, workbook exercises, and collaboration. Bring a blank notebook, laptop, or tablet for taking notes, as well as a camera if you are a visual learner. You’ll leave both with the framework to continue designing fun, useful sequences and with a full list of sequences you can begin using in your classes immediately. Never feel uninspired again!

Many hotels are located a short drive from the studio, and a Hampton Inn is a block away. There are plenty of AirBnB offerings to match your budget, too. Carrboro Yoga Company is located just above the wonderful local co-op, with a hot bar, extensive salad and sushi bars, and bakery. In addition to learning a ton and refreshing your love of teaching, expect to enjoy your stay in our beautiful town and your collaboration with your colleagues.

This intensive is a required module for Carolina Yoga Company’s advanced 500-hour yoga teacher training; it is also open to everyone.

Required reading: Sage Rountree, Everyday Yoga.

$699, $649 if paid before June 1.

Register now!

The intensive is also available as an online course at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.