From Sitting

Six Moves, Kneeling

  • Kneeling cat/cow
  • Side stretch
  • Open twist (bharadvajasana)

Six Moves, Cross Legged

  • Seated twist
  • Side bend crosswise
  • X in front of chest
  • Repeat second side
  • Arms overhead
  • Push interlaced hands forward with cat back
  • Interlace fingers behind back
  • Hands to R side waist, R ear to R shoulder

Pinup Warmup

  • Start sitting with knees facing the ceiling, soles of the feet on the floor, hands to hamstrings
  • Inhale, pull on thighs, cow back
  • Exhale, cat/round back more to engage abs
  • Sway knees side to side, eventually windshield wipe knees over to one side, sit like a mermaid
  • Sweep arm on diagonal. Exhale, brush hand past thigh; inhale, sweep up and over base hand, then hold hand to head, pinup style
  • Thoracic mobilization scoop through. Inhale, swing arm up and open chest; exhale, scoop under. Then hold hand to ribs or floor to stretch upper back
  • Half lat pull downs. Inhale, reach up; exhale, bend elbow. Travel in a clock face, then hold hand to head again, pinup style

Six Moves, Side Saddle

  • Start in a mermaid position, knees bent, hips L of legs
  • Inhale, raise arms
  • Exhale, side bend over legs
  • Repeat several rounds, then hold in side bend
  • Inhale, raise arms
  • Exhale, twist away from legs to bharadvajasana
  • Repeat several rounds, then hold in twist
  • Face forward, cross R leg over L for Half Lord of the Fishes (ardha matsyendrasana) legs
  • Inhale, rock weight onto L hip and swing R leg over the mat like Spiderman—this activates the glutes
  • Exhale, return to Half Lord of the Fishes legs
  • Repeat several rounds, then hold Half Lord of the Fishes