From Supine

Six Moves Supine, One Leg

  • Start supine
  • Hug knees
  • Pulse L leg to ceiling and back, roll ankle
  • Lower L leg to floor (hover for a breath or two)
  • Rest L heel on floor
  • Circle R knee
  • Tree pose on back, R knee to right, optionally shimmy shoulders to right for side stretch up left
  • Cross R knee to left for spinal twist, optionally draw half or full circles with R arm

Six Moves Supine, Two Legs

  • Start supine
  • Inhale, stretch long
  • Exhale, go slack
  • Banana (cross R leg over L, shimmy shoulders to L)
  • Hug knees
  • Twist knees side to side
    • To lighten, keep feet on the floor
    • Or knees to 90 degrees, shins parallel to floor
    • For more, kick top leg or both legs straight as they hover over the floor
  • Bridge articulations (inhale up, exhale down) with optional arm raises