Kripalu Preview

Talking about Agnistambhasana

There’s still time to sign up for my upcoming weekend at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, February 4–6. If you’re worried that it’s too much yoga for you, rest assured! First, yoga for athletes is not athletic yoga, as I explained below. Second, each year we have had a fantastic mix of yogi/athletes. Some are runners who have never done a single yoga class. Some are yoga teachers who are interested in working with athletes. Some are athletes who already use yoga as part of their training. All are universally fantastic! In past years, we’ve had some hard-core power yogis; a really fun crew coach who rode his fixie bike to and from the bus station; a woman who teaches yoga to a collegiate basketball team; Ironmen; and a sixty-something brand-new triathlete, who was the life of the party.

Being at Kripalu is a special treat. The food is delicious; the healing arts services are nurturing; finishing your yoga session happy and relaxed with nowhere else to be is a revelation. You can see my rundown of last year’s weekend here, and if you have any questions or would like to hear from former participants before committing, feel free to write me. To register, click here.