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Scheduled: Classroom Management and Safety

View this post on Instagram CPR training as part of our Classroom Management and Safety teachers' intensive. A post shared by Sage Rountree (@sagerountree) on Mar 1, 2014 at 11:20am PST Movement teachers: come learn how to handle everything from heart attacks to fart attacks in our fun, educational weekend on Classroom Management and Safety…. Read more »

Watch: Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016

The videos I’ve been posting one by one from my summer Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive are now available as a package. You can choose it in standalone format, or subscribe to YogaVibes and access not only this series, but also dozens more classes with me. Teaching Yoga to Athletes Intensive 2016 Filmed live during Sage… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Reverse Vinyasa

Day 5 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive included a short practice featuring an alternative to the standard plank–chaturanga–up dog–down dog vinyasa. Repetitive movements lead to imbalances, both in sports training and in asana practice. Shaking up our habitual patterns helps us build new movement pathways and avoid injury. Training can lead to sport-specific imbalances—and so… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: Balance Play

Day 4 of my 2016 Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive included a practice with some fun balance play. Balance is critical to athletic performance and athletic longevity—and so is a sense of humor. You’ll see what a good time we are having here! Balance is crucial for injury prevention in athletes and everyone. In this practice, recorded… Read more »

Introducing Core Strength for Real People

I’m really bursting with excitement about this one: introducing my new video series, Core Strength for Real People! This will be an ongoing series with new content appearing regularly. To get you started, there are four doable routines and three mini-practices waiting for you. Each is ready to meet you where you are—all you need is… Read more »

Newly Certified: Stacy Sparlin

Meet Stacy Sparlin! Stacy is a gym teacher, a whitewater kayaker, and now, a certified Sage Yoga for Athletes teacher. We had the pleasure of her company in Carrboro all summer, as she completed the intensive version of our 500-hour Carolina Yoga Advanced Studies Teacher Training (next offered summer 2017). (Some of the content is… Read more »

Register: Professionalism for Movement Teachers

You may have seen Michelle Goldberg’s New York Magazine article “The Brutal Economics of Being a Yoga Teacher” in the last week. Interestingly, the story doesn’t get into an exploration of the actual numbers of what teachers are paid. A story by Helene Olen in Slate today asks, “Why Don’t More People Discuss Their Compensation?” Discussing these… Read more »

Watch: Yoga for Athletes Teachers’ Lounge: More Mat-Free Play

If you’ve done my Parking Lot Yoga sequences, you know you don’t need a mat to gain yoga’s benefits of strength, flexibility, focus, and balance. In my latest online yoga class for YogaVibes, we play with two short sequences that require no mat and yield big gains. In this online yoga class, filmed on the afternoon of… Read more »