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Watch: Whole Body Balance

I recorded the practices during my teachers’ intensive Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste—always available online at—and they will be rolling out on YogaVibes over the next few weeks. This is an opportunity to learn not just the what and how of the physical practice, but also the why: why these poses in this order? The first… Read more »

Watch: Everyday Yoga Short Practices: Flexibility, Mobility, and Relaxation

Here are three more short videos, companions to the short practices in Everyday Yoga. These are focused on flexibility, mobility, and relaxation, and they make good alternate-day practices to pepper among the strength practices that posted last week. Upper-Body Flexibility and Mobility Lower-Body Flexibility and Mobility Relaxation and Recovery Watch the full-length videos—and dozens more from… Read more »

Watch: Everyday Yoga Short Practice: Core Strength and Stability

The third of the companion videos illustrating routines from Everyday Yoga builds core strength and stability. In only 16 minutes, you’ll work all the muscles of your core, connect to your breath, and bring balance to your body. Watch the full practice, and dozens more, at Yoga Vibes.

Summer Preview: Yoga Teacher Trainings

Summer in a college town like Chapel Hill, NC, is glorious. Parking is abundant, and beer trucks don’t block the downtown streets. The sun is up early; evenings are sultry and lovely; and summer sublets are easy to find with two-thirds of the population out of town. So come join me for one or more of… Read more »

Hillsborough Yoga Company

I’ve been quiet online over the last few weeks because on December 31, my business partner and I added a third location to our studio! Hillsborough Yoga and Healing Arts joins the family as Hillsborough Yoga Company. This means that class passes work across three locations: Carrboro, Durham, and now Hillsborough. The work has been fun but all-consuming. We’re getting… Read more »

Read: Yoga for CrossFitters

My latest piece for Yoga Journal suggests some poses to counter front-of-the-body tightness created by heavy lifting (or a lot of sitting). Weightlifting and CrossFit can be a great way to develop full-body strength. While CrossFit pays attention to mobility, it’s still easy to incur imbalances in the body—especially when you head to a desk and sit for… Read more »

Holiday Teaching Schedule

As we hit the quiet time of year, the schedule at my yoga studios is condensed, with unique workshops to celebrate the holidays. Here are my special offerings, all at Carrboro Yoga Company. With the exception of New Year’s Eve, these are regular drop-in classes. Monday, December 22, 6:00–7:15 p.m.: Yoga for Athletes Wednesday, December 24, 2:00–3:15… Read more »

Watch: FREE Postrun Yoga Video Routine

In this eight-minute free video—free, thanks to my friends at YogaVibes—I’ll guide you through a short, easy post-run routine that you can do in the parking lot, by the trailhead, or in your living room. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. You’ll find dozens of free, short online yoga videos and racing… Read more »