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Postview: Yoga Journal LIVE! NYC

It was a treat to connect with the sweet students at Yoga Journal LIVE! in New York last weekend. I taught three sessions and, as promised, am writing up a postview with practice notes. (This is my preferred method, as it lets me teach to the students who are there, versus rigidly following a handout.) When… Read more »

Postview and Practice Notes: Breathe Yoga, Shreveport

What a sweet group of yogis there are in Shreveport, Louisiana! If you ever begin to despair for the future, please consider that in DeSoto Parish, in the northwest corner of the state, there are a group of high school football players who swear by their yoga, using it as a dynamic warmup on the field… Read more »

Postview: Kripalu 2016

For the eighth consecutive year, I had a wonderful time leading a weekend on yoga for athletes, as well as spending five days investigating teaching yoga to athletes with my colleagues. (If you’d like to do the intensive, it’s always available online and next offered at Carrboro Yoga at the end of June.) Here are some photographic highlights…. Read more »

Postview: Running Summit Midwest

The Running Summit Midwest featured a fantastic lineup of speakers, including Jack Daniels—who was interesting and gracious as could be—and both Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas from the Science of Sport blog. I presented on recovery and on yoga and led a yoga session for participants, in which we investigated yoga to do before, during, and after… Read more »

Notes on the Core from Running Summit East 2015

It was, as ever, a treat to present at the Running Summit in Morristown, NJ, last weekend. The presentations, participants, and facility are all top-notch. (At right is Wendy presenting on running form analysis. If you are in New York City, you should definitely schedule a custom running analysis session with Wendy at NY Custom PT!) I… Read more »

Canada Practice Notes

I had a fantastic time visiting western Canada to present clinics on yoga for runners at Mountain Equipment Co-Op stores—and here’s my postview with practice notes. I met some wonderful athletes, ate a lot of Neapolitan pizza, and watched more episodes of House of Cards than I might like to admit. I’m extremely grateful to prAna for… Read more »

Canada Tour

I’m having a great time so far on my tour of western Canada, presenting Yoga for Runners clinics at Mountain Equipment Co-op stores, courtesy of prAna. As I told the sweet participants in Vancouver this morning, I’ll write a full practice list when I get home later in the week and post it here. If… Read more »