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Listen: “Meet the Moment,” Wanderlust Speakeasy

In 2015, I gave a talk at Wanderlust Snowshoe in the Speakeasy—the festival’s version of a TED Talk. I was so nervous! While I’m no stranger to public speaking, this was next-level stress. Instead of the yoga or meditation teaching I’m used to doing, I was talking philosophically about lessons I’ve learned in life. The talk was… Read more »

Watch: You Call This Yoga

Yesterday, I had a nice hour-long chat with Howie Shareff of You Call This Yoga. You can watch the archived show here and read about Howie’s work with accessible yoga here. He produces Yoga Fest NC, which happens April 8 in Raleigh—read about that here!  

Snow and the Small Business, Part 2

We did get snow: an inch or two on top of three inches of a snow/sleet mix, all of which is now tamped down into sheets of ice along the parking lots and secondary roads (and spots of main roads, too). I’m keeping busy postponing series and our weekday yoga teacher training—two spots remain, and… Read more »

Snow and the Small Business

In the South, everything freezes up at the onset of winter weather. In fact, it freezes up before the weather begins; store shelves were bare of bread yesterday, more than 30 hours before any precipitation was predicted, and schools are being dismissed early despite the forecast, which doesn’t call for rain—not snow!—until sundown. Our plow,… Read more »

Really, Really Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy holidays! If you’ve found it difficult to think long-term in the last few weeks, I get it. And I’ve got you covered if you would like a signed copy of one of my books delivered to a U.S. address—if you order before 11 a.m. tomorrow, December 21, I will ensure it goes out Priority… Read more »

Grand Opening Reception: Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat

I like to fancy myself the expert on not working out. I wrote a whole book on it, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery. Attention to self-care is a critical part of the stress/rest balance. Without stress, you never grow; without rest, you never grow, either, because rest is where the adaptation to stress takes place. If you’re looking… Read more »

Now Open: Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat

What a joy this is to share: a place to unplug, refill your well, and tune in to your higher self. Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat is now open at 1814 Beckett’s Ridge Drive, Hillsborough, North Carolina. It’s just above the Hillsborough Yoga Company, which means you can have a wonderful day of exploring the… Read more »

New This Winter: Nine-Week Weekday Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training in Central North Carolina

The Carolina Yoga Company yoga teacher training, which I lead with my business partner Lies Sapp, is constantly evolving. While core features of the program are a constant—lots of practice teaching, exposure to a broad range of styles and approaches to yoga, a sense of humor even as we take yoga quite seriously—we always make tweaks to serve… Read more »

Introducing the Carolina Massage Institute: Your New Massage School

I’ve been conducting in-depth research into the benefits of frequent massage for over 20 years. Quite seriously, I very much recommend massage for athletic recovery. It is the subject of a full chapter in my Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, and I’ve written about self-massage both there and in Runner’s World. Many of my students and friends are massage therapists… Read more »

Listen: Love Teaching Yoga Podcast

One of the beautiful side effects of the yoga boom is the array of useful resources for yoga teachers. Podcasts are a great one, and I’ve enjoyed making the circuit and talking to thoughtful, helpful interviewers. My most recent conversation was with Michelle of Love Teaching Yoga. You can hear it online or download it from iTunes…. Read more »