Read: Mindful Racing


I’m very excited to lead our meditation at Wanderlust 108 in Atlanta, GA, on September 28. Today at the Wanderlust blog, you’ll find an excerpt from Racing Wisely, with some thoughts on mindfulness and running:

RW thumb Any practice can be a mindfulness practice, and many can be mindlessness practices. It’s all about intention and attention. Why are you here? What are you doing in the situation? And what is happening right now? How much of that is true? Mindfulness means watching the drama that flickers on the screen of consciousness, and realizing that it is a narrative projected by the mind. Mindfulness shows us that this dramatic story has highs and lows, scary moments and joyful moments. Through mindful watching, we realize that we are not the story, we are the ones watching it play out, and we do not need to get involved with the story.

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