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New! Core Strength for Real People: Get on Your Feet

You may have heard of the 2012 study that says your ability to stand up from the floor can predict your mortality from any cause. All the more reason to practice! Playing with the transition from the floor to standing is also a good way to challenge your core strength and improve your balance. The… Read more »

Last Few Slots: Core Strength for Real People, May 19–20

We have just a few spots left in this weekend’s Core Strength for Real People workshop at Carrboro Yoga. Join for both Saturday and Sunday, or for just Saturday morning and/or afternoon. Don’t worry—it won’t be 3–12 hours of core work. We’ll also cover the context of why, how, and when to do core exercises, as… Read more »

New! Core Strength for Real People: Tap Front and Back

Ready to keep your sense of humor as you play with a challenge to your balance? The latest episode of Core Strength for Real People is here to help! From standing and from tabletop, we’ll work abs, back muscles, and balance with contralateral movements to tap in front of and behind the body. Enjoy the… Read more »

New: Core Strength for Real People: Pinup Warmup

Want to move over the long weekend without having to stand up? Here’s a preview of my new Pinup Warmup sequence, which focuses on mobilization through the shoulders and spine and activation of the muscles that move the joints in the upper body. As a bonus, you’ll get to hold several poses with your hand… Read more »

New: Core Strength for Real People: Dynamic Core

The first of the month means a new video is live at Core Strength for Real People! This sequence works your abs, back, and glutes. Enjoy the preview above, and buy or rent the entire video at the Core Strength for Real People page. Better yet, subscribe, and for less than the price of one Pilates or… Read more »