The Premier Online Yoga Teacher Training
and Certification to Make You an
Expert Specialist on Yoga for Athletes

Yoga teacher: I know you.

You want to make a difference in the lives of your students. And you sure wouldn’t mind earning good money while you do that.

Maybe you even nurture a secret dream of having a huge impact by working with athletes, from your local running club to your local professional teams.

You could become everyone’s favorite yoga teacher, a hero who helps their students reach peak performance in sports while achieving balance in life.

But you might not yet have a clear vision for how you can start to reach the athletes you want to help. On your worst days, you even feel like an imposter, a phony. Like you couldn’t possibly have the skill and know-how to reach your pie-in-the-sky goals of turning athletes into champions.

But every teacher ought to feel like they matter to their students, like they are spreading yoga’s gifts. That goes for you, whether you are teaching professional athletes or “regular” people—and regular people deserve balance and peak performance, too.

The best teacher of all is experience. And in my twenty-plus years of teaching yoga to athletes, experience has taught me well! I want to use my decades of experience to help you:

  • land your dream gig working with athletes
  • take your teaching skills and your career to the next level
  • feel confident teaching athletes of all sports and levels in studio, gym, or one-on-one settings
  • expand your understanding of yoga, sports training, and the connections between them so you can serve your students best
  • earn CEUs or work toward your 300/500-hour training
  • get my direct attention and mentorship throughout

As you’ll see if you poke around this website, over two decades I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about sports, yoga, good teaching, and how all these subjects mesh to create fantastic yoga teachers who lead meaningful classes to athletes both at their training facilities and in packed studios.

I want to help you get there, too.

The workshop will show you how you can build up your career (and, yes, your bank account) teaching yoga to athletes. And you’ll be making a big difference in your students’ lives.

Don’t wait to get started because you don’t feel like you’ll make the grade. In the free workshop, you’ll learn that you probably already have everything you need to elevate your career and double your income while making a big difference in your students’ lives.

I’ll see you in the workshop!