The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, 2nd ed.


An invaluable guide to help athletes maximize training gains by making the most of their recovery time.

Recovery—physical and mental—is a red-hot topic, and the worlds of sports, technology, and commerce have all taken note. But which practices and devices really make a difference in recovery, and which should be avoided? What will truly maximize performance?

In this second edition of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, endurance and recovery coach Sage Rountree, PhD, explains exactly how to get the most out of training by optimizing recovery time. She provides easy-to-follow and practical recovery tips that include:

  • How athletes can measure their own state of recovery
  • What can go wrong when recovery is insufficient
  • Proven techniques to enhance recovery and improve performance
  • Evaluations of current tech devices
  • Sample recovery plans for all types of training and competition

Emphasizing the fundamentals of sleep, nutrition, and stress management, this second edition features up-to-date research that has emerged to support the importance of these basic recovery strategies and includes a much-needed, careful look at new devices on the market. Whether self-coached, coached, or team-sport athletes, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery provides readers with an evidence-based approach to finding the right balance between stress and rest.

Now available from your favorite bookseller or library, or these links:
W. H. Smith (UK)
Angus & Robertson (Australia)

Library Journal gives a starred review and says, “Perfect for athletes in need of a reminder that being quick with their recovery efforts isn’t a quick fix. This impressive book shows how slowing down speeds up results in the gym, on the road, and beyond.”

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