The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, First Edition


Yoga will make you a better runner.

Millions of runners practice yoga daily because it cuts injuries and leads to more fluid, enjoyable running. In this second edition of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, Sage Rountree—America’s leading expert on yoga for athletes—shows you the poses and practices for stronger, healthier running.

Discover how yoga can improve your running with

  • Dynamic warm-ups and cool downs for your workouts
  • Poses that target typical trouble spots, such as hips, calves, and hamstrings
  • Self-tests to determine areas of weakness or imbalance
  • Breath and meditation exercises to sharpen mental focus

Filled with color photographs, clear instruction, and easy-to-follow routines, including new video sequences, the second edition of The Runner’s Guide to Yoga offers simple ways to make yoga a part of your everyday training—even if you have never set foot in a yoga studio. This practical guide shows you how to ease tightness in your hamstrings and hips, strengthen your core, build strength and flexibility throughout your body, and recover faster from the stresses of training. Written by a coach and showing real runners in realistic yoga poses, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga will complement your running every day, all season long.

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