Welcome, Summiteers!

Thanks for joining me at the Running Summit. Here are some resources and bonus materials for you to enjoy.

Enjoy your practice, and happy running!


Yoga to Do Before Your Run

This follow-along sequence will prep you for movement. You’ll wake up your hips, legs, and feet. And there’s no mat needed, so this is a great sequence to do in the parking lot before you head out on your run or walk. I call it Parking Lot Yoga.

Yoga to Do During Your Run

Doing yoga during your run doesn’t mean breaking into a pose! Instead, use yoga techniques of alignment, breath, and focus to help you stay centered in any situation.

Yoga to Do Right After Your Run

In this core strengthening sequence, you’ll work all around the world of your hips and core—and get in a few stretches, too. This is a great sequence to add at the end of your run, walk, or workout.

Yoga to Do Long After Your Run

This follow-along sequence features three twists you can do in bed—no mat needed!

The Coach’s Guide to Recovery

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