Are you glued to coverage of the Tour of California? If so, you might need some yoga about now! Try standing, breathing deeply, and circling your arms up as you inhale, down as you exhale. Then keep both arms up and lean into a side stretch each way. Spread your feet a little and twist side to side, letting your arms swing along with the action. Better already! While you’re up, tack on whatever feels good: the figure-4 glute stretch with a hand on the desk, a quad stretch, calf stretches (I love a tight squat with my hands holding a railing; it’s great for the back).
Also on the topic of cycling and yoga, here’s the flyer (click to enlarge) for a free class I’m teaching in Winston-Salem, NC, in a few weeks. It’s a fundraiser for, which teaches bike safety and produces some fun races, including the Hanes Park Classic, a fast and hot criterium in the middle of a humid southern summer. We’ll talk a little and try out some yoga poses. No experience needed. Donations are welcome and appreciated!
More details on my Workshops page.
Speaking of workshops, I’ve been processing the wonderful experience of teaching a weekend on yoga for athletes at Kripalu and plan to write about it soon. If you miss me here, come see me on Twitter; you’ll get either the raw, unedited (OK, less edited) version of my thoughts or distillations of would-be blog posts. It seems all my best writing is happening while I’m out on the bike or watching that black line at the bottom of the pool (and I’m spending more and more time in such activity). What seemed so pertinent and useful then is less interesting when I’m at the computer. So it gets reduced to 140 characters and slapped on Twitter.