Last Call: Teaching Yoga to Athletes, July 8–12

As we covered two weeks ago, many teachers—and students—make one common mistake when thinking about yoga for athletes: they go WAY too hard.

You can avoid this problem by thinking through where your athletes are in their training cycle, then devising a practice that complements their current needs. That means programming something that’s in inverse proportion to the intensity of their workouts or competition. When they’re in the offseason, they can work harder on the mat. In season, go easy!

If you would like to know all about how to help athletes—and people in general—by applying the principles of exercise physiology alongside yoga philosophy, join me for Teaching Yoga to Athletes.

I used to wish aloud that I could find a book or a resource that explained how yoga and my endurance sports training would mesh together. Eventually, my husband pointed out that I should be the one to offer these resources! That’s the origin story of my first book, The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga.

As I was researching and writing that book, I earned several coaching certifications that I then put into effect guiding athletes to world championship races in triathlon and duathlon, and top performances in running and ultrarunning. I know from all sides—the teacher’s side, the athlete’s side, and the coach’s side—how yoga and sports can mesh in harmony.

And I want you to know, too: let’s explore this together!

This is the last call for registration for the in-person workshop, July 8–12 in Carrboro, North Carolina. Sign up before 11:59 p.m. on May 1 to join us at the early bird rate. If we don’t meet our minimum for the workshop, you’ll get a nice discount on the online training, which is available anytime.

What: Teaching Yoga to Athletes Five-Day Teachers’ Intensive
Where: Carrboro Yoga Company, central North Carolina
When: Monday–Friday, July 8–12, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. and 2 p.m.–5 p.m.

Want to see what you’ll be getting? Smart!

Send me an email with any questions for me, and be sure to sign up before registration closes on May 1.