New Year, New Site

Happy new year! I’ve spent much of my holiday downtime working on a new Web site, which I’ve launched today. If you have bookmarks to my pages, most of them will work, but some won’t—most notably, the podcast pages. I’m working on moving the RSS podcast feed to the new site, but it might take a week or two. Meanwhile, you can see the podcast episodes at iTunes and on Facebook. (When I get that squared away, I vow to make a new episode of reclining stretches, appropriate for practice in bed, at the gym, or on a grassy field near the finish line.)

Please check out the new site and let me know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll notice that there’s a feed of this very blog running there, too, and beautifully in line with the rest of the site. In fact, you might be reading this there now, which is satisfyingly meta.
Other new features:

I’m very interested in your feedback on the site, which I’ve done all by myself using RapidWeaver. Now that I have much of the container in place, I’m ready to fill it with more content. What would you like to see?