New Year, New Teaching Schedule


Happy New Year! After several years of teaching on Thursdays in Durham, I’m making a change! My weekly class at Durham Yoga Company is now Pilates, and it takes place on Wednesdays at noon. Come enjoy this class I’m subtitling “Core Strength for Real People.” We’ll access the core at every layer and from every direction. You’ll leave happily fatigued, deeply connected to your core, and ready to go back to the office or into the rest of your day with better posture. Surprisingly, Pilates is a ton of work without generating much sweat, so you probably won’t need to budget time for a shower afterward. I’m really evangelistic about the benefits of core strength for your yoga practice, your sport, and every aspect of your life. Please come let me show you why!

My other weekly classes remain the same, so my regular schedule is:

And view my travel schedule here.

If you and I won’t be in the same place at the same time in 2016, we can still connect online anytime at YogaVibes and at Sage Yoga Teacher Training.