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Set Your Intentions and Goals for 2023

Are you a yoga teacher—or considering becoming one? The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook is here to help you get clear on how you can serve your students best, and to guide you to making good choices for your education at every level and your career at every step. Whether you’re just considering yoga teacher training or lead yoga teacher trainings of your own, this book is for you. We cover everything from your calling as a teacher to exactly how to plan your classes so that your students have the best possible experience.

Take a peek inside the book on Amazon. You can buy it there or order it from your favorite indie bookstore or, better yet, request it from your local library!

Keyed to the book are a host of resources, including a full-featured workbook that you can see here. And visit the book’s resource page to view them all.

Have you already read the book? I’d love a review on your favorite bookstore site, like AmazonGoodreadsPowell’s, or your local independent bookseller. This helps immensely in getting the book to the hands of people who will benefit from it. And please tell your teacher trainer and your colleagues about the book. Word of mouth goes a long way!

Not a yoga teacher, with no plans for becoming one? Another of my books, Racing Wisely, will guide you toward your personal best in your next endurance race, whether it’s a local 5K or a multi-day event. You’ll learn all about intentions and goals and how combining the two will lead you to peak performance. Visit that book’s resource page here.