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New! Core Strength for Real People: Standing

The first of the month means a new video is live at Core Strength for Real People! This one challenges your core, glutes, and lower legs from a standing position. No mat needed—you may not even need to change your clothes, which means you can do this as a midday break. Enjoy the preview above, and buy or… Read more »

New! Core Strength for Real People: Tall Mountain

The first of the month means a new video is live at Core Strength for Real People! This one is fun. The tall mountain sequence challenges your balance, engages your core, and boosts your sense of humor. With practice, you’ll get more graceful. And you’ll improve your sense of where your body is in space, which… Read more »

Everyday Yoga Excerpt: 5 Pre-Workout Warmup Poses

My friends at Yoga Journal will be running a nice series of Everyday Yoga excerpts over the next few weeks. While the book is for not just athletes but everyone, the excerpts are keyed to pre- and postworkout routines, and you can string them together to do a full home practice. We’re starting with a dynamic preworkout yoga—what… Read more »

Watch: FREE Postrun Yoga Video Routine

In this eight-minute free video—free, thanks to my friends at YogaVibes—I’ll guide you through a short, easy post-run routine that you can do in the parking lot, by the trailhead, or in your living room. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. You’ll find dozens of free, short online yoga videos and racing… Read more »

Sneak Peak: The Runner’s Guide to Yoga

If you like to plan your 2012 season way ahead, you might also like to order my newest book, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga, which will be out in April. It’s now available for preorder on Amazon (you’re guaranteed the best price when you preorder). Please check it out! I hope it is a useful… Read more »

Active Yogi: Twist and Squat

This is as close to catchy headline writing as I’ll get: “Twist and Squat,” my latest post for Active Yogi, my Yoga Journal blog. Depth in a squat, as in every asana, is dependent on both your soft tissue and your skeleton. While the model (my handsome husband, Wes) wouldn’t self-identify as flexible, he’s a… Read more »

Sage Advice: Shin Splints

A reader asked me for advice to share with a yoga student on shin splints. Here, my yoga books are less germane and The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery is more useful. Shin splints usually result from an imbalance between work and rest—too much mileage, too soon, and sometimes on too hard a surface. Things to check… Read more »