Watch/Listen: Road Cycling Summit

The one glimpse I had of my family midrace, Ironman Coeur d'Alene, 2009

Do you love cycling? Are you looking for a way to improve your cycling? Do you want a chance to learn from experts for free? Check out the Road Cycling Summit from my friends at the Cycling 360 podcast. You’ll get the chance to see me present my sessions, Yoga for Cyclists, at 3:00 pm EST on April 6, and Recovery: The Key to Performance at 12:00 pm EST on April 9. Don’t miss out!

The summit is an in-depth event that will include 18+ sessions to help you improve your game on and off the bike, presented by experts from all over the world of cycling, including my frequent Running Summit co-speaker Matt Fitzgerald (he’s a great presenter!). Most of the sessions are going to include a live Q&A portion. Don’t miss this chance to learn a bunch of great information and ask me and the other presenters the questions you want answered about cycling.

The Summit will take place April 6–10, 2016, and is totally free to attend live! Head on over to to learn more and register. See you there!

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