Extreme Last Minute Gifts

Are you the type to do your holiday shopping at the drugstore as dusk approaches on Christmas Eve? Here are a few extremely last-minute ideas from the intersection of yoga and endurance sports:

  1. Epsom salts, combined with a copy of The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery (also available in German, Japanese, and Spanish). While the salts themselves may or may not directly enhance athletic recovery, the ritual of soaking in a warm bath sure doesn’t hurt.
  2. A yoga mat (these are available at some drugstores, as well as most big-box stores), combined with one of my yoga books, a gift card for Carrboro Yoga or Durham Yoga, a subscription to YogaVibes, or a yoga retreat (how about Yoga for Athletes at Kripalu in January?). Yoga offers massive benefits for everyone, no matter how tight they may feel.
  3. A journal and the e-book version of Racing Wisely, or sport earphones and the audiobook version of Racing Wisely. Help your friends get clear on their intentions and goals for racing, setting them up for peak performance in their next target event.

All best wishes for peace, inside and out, and for a restful end of the year!

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