Kripalu Postview

As predicted, the participants in my workshop on yoga for athletes at Kripalu were great. We had a huge range of sports and yoga experience, from longtime teachers to first-time yogis. With such a turnout, I’ve scheduled an encore weekend in fall, when the leaves should be glorious and the trails ripe for running. It’ll be September 23–25, and I’ll post here when registration goes online.

A theme for the weekend emerged spontaneously, in addition to my usual teachings on “form and breath”: WHY? Why do you need to be flexible? Why do you need to know how many calories you’re burning? Why do you need to do that extra workout? Why do you need more, more, more? If you have a clearly set intention, your answer to the question why should be clear. If it isn’t, investigate your goals; rephrase and realign where necessary.