Last-Minute Gift Suggestions

Looking for a last-minute gift or something that needs no shipping? Here are some ideas from my businesses:


Most of my books are available in ebook format, and many are also available as audiobooks (read by me!). Look on your favorite ebookseller’s platform!

Online Classes

I offer online classes for follow-along practice! Choose between:

  • Core Strength for Real People (hint: be sure your recipient has expressed an interest in working on core strength before giving this!)
  • Yoga Vibes classes—there are dozens of classes with me, dozens more with my colleagues, and hundreds with other wonderful teachers. This would pair nicely with a yoga mat or other yoga props like blocks and a strap.

Online Courses

If your recipient is a yoga or movement teacher, you can give access to any of my online courses, which range from short to long. See them all here.

Gifts for Central North Carolinians

If you’re local to me, or planning to travel to the Research Triangle Park/Raleigh-Durham area, how about a gift card?

Gifts for Your Neighbors

Given the scale of suffering and food insecurity 2020 has brought, how about instead of giving to a friend you feed someone in their honor? A gift to your local food bank or to World Central Kitchen will make a big difference.