Sage Advice: Compression Socks vs. Legs up the Wall

Myron wrote me wondering about the difference between legs up the wall and compression garments, wondering whether there have been any studies comparing the two. Here’s my answer.

I haven’t heard of any direct comparison, but I can speak from personal experience to the benefits of both. Obviously, compression garments are useful for wearing when you can’t be on your back with your legs up the wall! They work on planes, in cars, at your desk.

Legs up the wall, however, gives you an opportunity to be still—to NOT be on the go and working—that enhances the recovery benefits of getting your legs up. On an endocrinological and neurological level, legs up the wall can be deeply calming to the nervous system, and I haven’t had that experience simply from donning compression socks. (If anything, I get amped up from the work of putting them on!)

Both have their place, then, and I recommend using them both!

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