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Watch: Restorative Reset at Yoga Vibes

pose from video

Let’s be real—we all need more rest. This hourlong restorative yoga practice with me on @YogaVibes delivers just that with three deeply relaxing poses. You’ll begin in a supine position, utilizing a chair to elevate your legs and release tension in the psoas and lower back. This practice is the antidote for frazzled nerves, a tweaked back, or insomnia.

Watch: Rest and Restore at Yoga Vibes

My newest video available at Yoga Vibes is a special treat for you: it’s restorative yoga! If you aren’t familiar with the practice, prepare to fall in love. It’s long holds of fully supported poses with the goal not to stretch but to let go completely. (If you find letting go tough, start off with… Read more »

Reblog: Hunchback, Begone! Relief for Your Upper Back, Part 1

Here’s a piece I wrote for Yoga for Aging Athletes in reply to the Buzzfeed hunchback incident. Let’s talk about the hunch! It’s been on my mind both over time—I have a prominently rounded, or kyphotic upper back, and have since childhood (one doctor called it “front to back scoliosis,” not what you want to hear… Read more »

Watch: Sequencing Intensive: Sweet and Spicy

The latest video from my Sequencing intensive is a combo of medium-spicy balance work and completely sweet restorative yoga. In this online yoga class, filmed during Day 5 of Sage’s Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste, we warm up and move through two standing balance sequences, taking time to build slowly into each and… Read more »

Yoga as Reward

Yesterday, I taught one of the more interesting classes I’ve had the pleasure to lead lately. Somewhat surreally, it took place on the main floor of the Smith Center under the lights, but what made it special—in fact, what makes most standout moments special—is the intention behind it. I’ve been working with the UNC men’s… Read more »

Scheduled: Yoga for Athletic Recovery

My colleague Jeff Brown, who teaches our popular restorative yoga classes at Durham Yoga Company, and I are joining to teach a fun summer series: Yoga for Athletic Recovery. We’ll meet Sundays, June 23–July 14, 12:30–1:45 p.m., at the Durham Yoga Company. (Maybe you’d like to come straight from your run, or stop by Rue… Read more »

Serious Recovery: Supported Child’s Pose

My latest entry for Serious Recovery describes one of my favorite unwinding poses: supported child’s pose. When your lower back is sore, your neck is tired, and your legs are shot, there’s little better than coming into supported child’s pose, a restorative version of a familiar yoga posture. You’ll receive a gentle stretch for your… Read more »